Kensi Gounden – Innovations, Entrepreneurship And Profit: How They Are Tied Together?

Entrepreneurship is all about to predict future and to create future by innovating, self, vision, skills and technology. It is all about to face challenges, failures and risks. According to Kensi Gounden Synonyms of entrepreneurship are enthusiasm, determination, dedication, motivation, unstoppable and embracing what you do not know. Innovation and exploration are the keys to become entrepreneur, without exploring you will not expand and proliferate. It needs to grab every single opportunity that can significantly yields results. Innovation keeps you dynamic and moving either back and forth, at least not leaving you to a standstill stone.

Kensi Gounden - Innovations, Entrepreneurship And Profit: How They Are Tied Together?
Kensi Gounden – Innovations, Entrepreneurship And Profit: How They Are Tied Together?

Real growth lies in learning from failure just like you have to drag your arrow and fix your vision to hit the target. Entrepreneurship delivers ultimate and unique solutions for the economic growth of the company and society also. Entrepreneurs launch novelty in the market and face the consequences with positive attitude. they potentially bring improvement in product line by working on the feedback of the customers.

Kensi Gounden - Innovations, Entrepreneurship And Profit: How They Are Tied Together?
Kensi Gounden – Innovations, Entrepreneurship And Profit: How They Are Tied Together?

Kensi Gounden is a successful entrepreneur; he has created his business empire with his innovative vision and determination. For an entrepreneur it is essential to adapt latest technology that can efficiently boost his business and servicing. Entrepreneurship demands continuous learning and implication of significant learning in business. Entrepreneurs utilize the internet marketing for displaying their product brand, they use unique marketing strategy that can hit potential customers.

Kensi Gounden - Innovations, Entrepreneurship And Profit: How They Are Tied Together?
Kensi Gounden – Innovations, Entrepreneurship And Profit: How They Are Tied Together?

An entrepreneur is courageous to purse his all dreams and give them a practical form.  eCommerce platform comes with so many constraints like time, money and efforts but an entrepreneur never feel them has only one target and an innovative vision to achieve it. Kensi Gounden has always worked to be significant to the society and people and it is his trust on his efforts and skills that has made him an inspirational entrepreneur.

Kensi Gounden – Role Of A Marketing Consultant In Successful Sales And Marketing

Nowadays, technology and digitalization have advanced the way to do the marketing of products and services. The latest technology has come to play its role in a pretty amazing way by confronting the global audience. To combat the eCommerce competition, there is a need to have expert professionals who can analyse every aspect of business marketing and trends. They are marketing consultants, who deliver the services to several businesses to engage their audience positively. Kensi Gounden is a marketing consultant expert; he has years of experience to serve all types and sizes of companies.

Kensi Gounden – Role Of A Marketing Consultant In Successful Sales And Marketing

A marketing consultant better knows the way to expand the client base. The need for a profound strategy is always there to achieve business objectives through marketing efforts. Marketing consultant also assists the sale team and work in collaboration and towards the same goal that is to increase revenue. A marketing consultant has productive role in identifying the opportunities with regard to customer engagement, whether existing and new. Shaping company branding is important as it delivers brand value with unique and personalized recognition, this is the responsibility of a marketing consultant. He improves the user’s engagement by leveraging different channels to present services and products of the company. Through the latest technology and tools, a marketing consultant manages emails, social media marketing, provide rich and relevant content to the website, so that customers can get important info about the same and make their decisions to purchase. Marketing consultant also keeps a watch on the sale, he tracks the existing customers and reviews to get the feedback about the services. by coordinating with different sectors of business marketing consultant works on the improvement of services to cater to the need of customers.

Kensi Gounden – Role Of A Marketing Consultant In Successful Sales And Marketing

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Kensi Gounden – 10 Tips To Encourage Successful Innovation

Most great ideas for enhancing corporate growth and profits aren’t discovered at your research center or by brainstorming in the conference room but come from employees who regularly face setbacks, serve customers, explore new markets and defend competition in an idea management system. Kensi Gounden, A well designed, innovation management platform can help empower anyone to submit, comment and refine an idea.

Kensi Gounden – 10 Tips To Encourage Successful Innovation

According to Kensi Gounden, Here are a few best practices to encourage and inspire employee ideas

Introduce An Innovative Management Space: You may not have the time to sit around and discuss ideas that lead to business innovation, but an innovation management platform creates a space in for employees across the organization to exchange ideas, vote, collaborate and contribute to ideas. Eureka moments can happen anywhere!

Involve Everyone: It’s essential to involve all employees in the idea creation process. Every employee brings their own unique perspectives, and developing ideas together helps build brand loyalty and employee engagement.

Kensi Gounden – 10 Tips To Encourage Successful Innovation

Create Conversations: At any company, innovation typically grows from ideas planted by the senior management and employee efforts to make those ideas a reality. Idea discussions should be open conversations where everyone is involved, on the same page, and working together.

Pull Employees In: Employees have an incredible potential to provide outstanding insights and ideas about organizational practices, customers and broader business goals. Employees need to be motivated, involved and participating in the idea process. They can’t be forced to reveal their thoughts, but they can be pulled into the innovation management process by making it transparent and more meaningful.

Kensi Gounden – 10 Tips To Encourage Successful Innovation

Run Idea Campaigns: Idea campaigns are a proven way to capture hundreds of ideas, improve productivity, cut costs, and drive improvements from the bottom up in a short time period.

If you’d like to learn more about this topic, please feel free to get in touch with Kensi Gounden.

Kensi Gounden – Why Innovation is Crucial to Your Future Success

Innovation” is a very popular word in government and business circles nowadays. The problem is, sometimes it is just a buzzword. Real innovation is more than attending a congress or a roundtable. It is about embracing real change and new opportunities, because your future may depend on it.

Kensi Gounden says, Below I will tell you why innovation is the lifeline of every modern firm.

  1. Not only for tomorrow, but even for today
  2. Market : Are you the Disrupter or the Disrupted?
  3. Changing Customer Demands: #failure Versus #innovation
  4. Changing Workforce: It’s All About New Skills
  5. Globalization: Future Opportunities without Borders
  6. Faster Growth: Innovation = Sales.
  7. Inspire Your Customers: The Elon Musk Factor.
Kensi Gounden - Why Innovation is Crucial to Your Future Success
Kensi Gounden – Why Innovation is Crucial to Your Future Success

Kensi Gounden says, Entrepreneur innovation news is a website focused on finding the latest news, videos, and discussion topics on innovation.

It is a great site if you are planning to start a new business or you already own one, because leading entrepreneurs are sharing their experience, ideas and case studies.

Kensi Gounden - Why Innovation is Crucial to Your Future Success
Kensi Gounden – Why Innovation is Crucial to Your Future Success

Do You Want to Innovate?

So, innovation is about survival, but it is about inspiration and profitability too! I recommend that you begin to adopt an innovation mindset. Today! Just begin asking yourselves these questions:

  • Do you have your eye on the ball? Free time and money in your organization to study possible market disruptions, and how to deal with them. To get started, form a growth team or talk with an expert.
  • In what ways are your customers changing the way they use your product? What does this tell you about their needs and wishes? Take action to fulfill these wishes.
  • Are you dependent on some experienced employees who know everything that happens in your business? Ask them to share their know-how and start a program to incubate new ideas.
  • Are you doing just “okay” in your market? That is really not good enough. Find ways to expand and counter competition from firms around the globe.
  • Do you have a wild and crazy idea? Great! Start to do something with it!
Kensi Gounden – Why Innovation is Crucial to Your Future Success

If you need any consultation related to innovation, you may consult Kensi Gounden.


How important it is to have a financial analyst for a business is not a question to be asked. A financial analyst can be helpful in many ways like he prepares plans and models that analyze the financial situation of a business and predicts future financial problems and choices accordingly. Kensi Gounden is a Senior Financial Analyst identifies risks and opportunities that can save and boost the business respectively. His work ensures operational efficiency along with an increase in investments for a particular business.


When we talk about finances whether it is about short-term debts or long-term investments, decision-making is usually tough as you need to be extra cautious while taking such decisions. Making the right decision ensures financial stability and better wealth, in which a financial analyst can help you to his best capabilities. Identifying where the investment can go wrong along with proper knowledge of the market he can be of great help to the business.

Here are some benefits of hiring a professional financial analyst:

● Expertise: A financial expert is just like you hire a lawyer for your legal matters where he/she will help you make wise decisions about your finances. Their expert knowledge makes all your value worth what you expect.

● Proactive Services: A food financial analyst will proactively reach out to you and also review your financial statements, telling you all various strategies and plans that can help in improving your financial status.

● Coordination: An expert will keep your best interests in consideration while keeping good coordination with all your team of like a taxpayer, CPA, an attorney, or any other professional working for you.

● Return on Investment: A financial expert helps you save money on unnecessary things and a wise investment on whatever you invest. By taking a wise step he works best for the return of the investment.


Kensi Gounden, a professional can help you in every possible way that will yield the best possible results.

Kensi Gounden – Smarketing: The Key to Success in Your Company

Smarketing (sales+marketing) is the process in which companies align the common goals of Sales and Marketing teams with the aim of increasing revenue. But what benefits can this bring to your company?

Smarketing is a fundamental part of the Inbound Marketing methodology. In this process, which is usually implemented in the ‘Closing’ stage, the marketing team transfers qualified sales opportunities to the sales team, who then closes the sale.

Kensi Gounden – Smarketing: The Key to Success in Your Company

Inbound Marketing seeks, through Smarketing, to get the best from both teams by coordinating their functions and having them work towards the same goals. Marketing and Sales must be two halves of the same team, working together towards a shared purpose within the organization. Remember: innovation is the key to increasing business.

According to Kensi Gounden, Benefits of integrating Smarketing into your business:

  • Increase ROI of both departments
  • Achieve business goals faster
  • Improve team cohesion and the company environment

But how do you achieve successful implementation? How do you get both teams to work as one? The following guidelines will help:

 Share the same funnel.

In the marketing and sales funnel, Marketing is responsible for the top of the funnel (TOFU), while Sales is responsible for the lowest part (BOFU). The middle of the funnel (MOFU) is the responsibility of both teams.

Speak the same language and maintain daily communication between both teams.

Kensi Gounden – Smarketing: The Key to Success in Your Company

Clear communication between both teams—using the same terms—is essential in order to speak to contacts effectively, based on their position in the buyer’s journey. Questions both teams should answer together include: ‘What do we talk about when we talk about prospect or lead?’ and ‘When do we consider a lead ready for the sales team to take over?’

They should also determine who the ideal client or buyer persona is, and understand how the two departments’ processes relate to each other. Ideally, Sales and Marketing should know exactly which functions each will perform, with the goal being full integration. Daily, weekly and/or monthly meetings will make it easier to achieve this by facilitating open communication around new products, campaigns, etc.

Both Marketing and Sales must have visibility of the other’s actions, objectives and progress.

Kensi Gounden – Smarketing: The Key to Success in Your Company

Kensi Gounden, Business objectives must be independently defined, with both departments collaborating to achieve them. This is the best way to achieve business goals and maximise the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.

Marketing automation tools can help Marketing and Sales perform this handover automatically. Based on criteria determined by both teams in the lead scoring process, the system can detect when a lead is ready for Sales and send a notice to the corresponding person through an automated internal email or SMS. At this point, Sales can track each contact through a CRM system.

Kensi Gounden – The Nine Elements Of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation — the use of technology to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises — is a hot topic for companies across the globe. Executives in all industries are using digital advances such as analytics, mobility, social media and smart embedded devices as well as improving their use of traditional technologies such as ERP to change customer relationships, internal processes and value propositions. Other executives, seeing how fast digital technology disrupted media industries in the past decade, know they need to pay attention to changes in their industries now. Kensi Gounden is a epert in digital innovation and business innovation, by his techniques you will defnately achieve your goals.

Kensi Gounden – The Nine Elements Of Digital Transformation

Transforming Customer Experience: The three major building blocks with which companies are digitally transforming customer experience are customer understanding, top-line growth and customer touch points.

Customer Understanding: Companies are starting to take advantage of previous investments in systems to gain an in-depth understanding of specific geographies and market segments. Some are exploring social media to understand what makes customers happy — and what leads to customer dissatisfaction.

Top-Line Growth: Companies are using technology to enhance in-person sales conversations. For example, financial services companies are using tablet-based presentations instead of paper-based slide decks to make sales pitches. Insurance firms are introducing mobile tools to help sales people and customers engage in analytics-based planning.

Kensi Gounden – The Nine Elements Of Digital Transformation

Customer Touch Points: Customer service can be enhanced significantly by digital initiatives. For example, a bank established a Twitter account to answer client complaints quickly, helping customers avoid going physically to a branch. This digital initiative also leveraged an expert community, allowing crowdsourcing with several employees and other customers.

Transforming Operational Processes: Kensi Gounden, Although transformed customer experiences are the most visible — and arguably the most exciting — aspects of transformation, companies are also realizing very strong benefits from transforming internal processes through process digitization, worker enablement and performance management.

Process Digitization: Automation can enable companies to refocus their people on more strategic tasks. A manufacturer has begun to centralize the HR function, allowing economies of scale through self-service while freeing HR people to “focus on enlarging manager skills, rather than counting days off.” A specialty materials company has automated many R&D processes. Automation allows researchers to focus on innovation and creativity rather than repetitive efforts. It also creates streams of data that can be useful in later data mining efforts.

Kensi Gounden – The Nine Elements Of Digital Transformation

Worker Enablement: Individual-level work has, in essence, been virtualized — separating the work process from the location of the work. A financial services business rearranged its headquarters so that nobody had an assigned desk, even the CEO. Employees now work from home one or two days per week and, when they are in the office, sit near people with whom they are temporarily collaborating. Meanwhile, the company’s collaboration and networking tools allow employees to talk with anyone in the organization from wherever they are sitting. This is setting the stage for further changes related to globalization.

Performance Management: Transactional systems give executives deeper insights into products, regions and customers, allowing decisions to be made on real data and not on assumptions. This is happening in both internal processes and customer-facing processes. The level of detail is also increasing, allowing managers to compare status across sites or reallocate product manufacturing capacity in ways they could not do before.

Transforming Business Models: Companies are not only changing how their functions work, but also redefining how functions interact and even evolving the boundaries and activities of the firm.

The three building blocks of this transformation are digital modifications to the business, the creation of new digital businesses, and digital globalization.

Kensi Gounden – The Nine Elements Of Digital Transformation

Digitally Modified Businesses: One media executive said: “We’ve realized that if we don’t transform the way we do business, we’re going to die. It’s not about changing the way we do technology but changing the way we do business.” The company is finding ways to augment physical with digital offerings and to use digital to share content across organizational silos.

The Take-Away

Kensi Gounden Says, Digital transformation requires strong leadership to drive change. But it also requires a vision for what parts of the company you want to transform. Companies in all industries and regions are experimenting with — and benefiting from — digital transformation. Whether it is in the way individuals work and collaborate, the way business processes are executed within and across organizational boundaries, or in the way a company understands and serves customers, digital technology provides a wealth of opportunity.


Before you start to focus on innovative thinking and strategy, you need to make sure you have a clear understanding of your goals. This means understanding what innovation really means, and knowing what it requires. Innovation cannot be defined as simply as ‘implementing technology’ or ‘rebranding your business’ – not unless the changes you make can be implemented successfully and impactfully. Innovation needs to encourage change and rethinking – the role innovation plays in the development and coordination of almost any industry can’t be overstated.

Kensi Gounden says, Innovation is an approach and mindset that allows for creative and strategic solutions, whether it improves efficiency, impact or competitiveness.



The secret to innovation is that you need to always be learning – innovation stems from curiosity and a desire for knowledge.

With this in mind, having a curious and inspired mindset requires creativity and the ability to step back from problems, looking at them from a new perspective. Doing this can allow you to realize that you may have solutions to a number of problems, and can identify previously missed issues and inefficiencies in the first place.


The insights that you gain throughout any learning experience will be applicable in driving innovation. Even a straightforward approach such as taking a proactive interest in a skill, with the help of a platform like Unskilled, will be effective in developing your innovative thinking skills. This is true not only in up skilling that is directly related to innovation, but also when learning more about your profession, business in general, or focusing on personal skills and hobbies.


While curiosity and inspiration are key factors that will influence innovation, there are other traits that make an innovator – and while a common conception is that some people are just born as innovators, this is not entirely true.

In reference to the aforementioned research paper on innovation, it is indicated that almost everybody has innovative attributes – the value of knowing this comes in identifying and utilizing them. Therefore, consider what makes an innovator, and how these characteristics relate to you. Making an effort to seek out experiences and situations that utilize these traits is a useful way to understand how you can use them to your advantage, thus improving your ability to innovate.


Whilst focusing on your own traits and capabilities is a key step in developing innovative aptitude, knowing how to implement them is a crucial last step.

Consider thinking about where your business is lacking in innovation. Whether it is in your personal work priorities, general business culture, or the strategic direction of the business, knowing where you can make change and turn your insights into actionable processes is key. Doing this will allow the business to set priorities, market products, and stay competitive. 

In addition to knowing where you want to make change within your business, take measures to improve the overall process of implementing innovation. As the post-pandemic demand for products shifts, your business needs to formalize and implement processes for setting priorities, marketing products, and integrating innovation within strategic plans.


Ultimately, innovation means learning to implement curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Think of your purpose and what you offer from a different perspective, and be sure to encourage teamwork and collaboration. Be prepared for failure, stay motivated, and continue to focus on broader ideas as goals, rather than aiming for standardized outcomes.

If you’d like to consult more about this topic, please feel free to get in touch with Kensi Gounden.


Whether it’s small improvements that increase efficiency, an exciting new product or a major overhaul that steps up your productivity, innovation can help you take your company to the next level. Draw on your team’s full potential and find new ways to enhance processes, procedures and product development. Seize the opportunity to be an innovator and drive your company’s growth.


According to kensi Gounden, Here are the ways to master innovation within your company

1. Stop generating ideas and start creating ROI instead

Many entrepreneurship programs put the major emphasis on creating ideas. The good news is, the idea is very often the starting point. The bad news is that an idea is the starting point. It is a simple equation: the more resources you invest in idea generation, the fewer resources you have for turning them into value-generating products and services. Make sure that you put your focus on turning ideas into valuable products.

2. Look for the right numbers at the right time

The major quality of ideas in an early phase is not a business case that shows millions based on assumptions but a strong team that is ready to iterate and adapt their idea until they are able to propose an exciting value proposition to customers. So, start looking for the right numbers at the right time, e.g., the number of ideas validated and the number of milestones reached on time.


3. Educate your executives

If you empower entrepreneurs, you need to make sure that the executives are ready to join the journey alongside them. In practice, this means providing room for iterations of the idea, accepting tests, and developing a learning mentality as well as quick failures. If your executives keep evaluating innovation projects in the same way as every other project, your entrepreneurs will not survive. Based on our learning’s, we developed our training and education tools catering to employees and top-level executives.


If you’d like to learn more about this topic, please feel free to get in touch with Kensi Gounden.

Kensi Gounden – 5 Tips to Drive Innovation in Your Small Business

It’s a fast-paced business world out there where innovation is the name of the game and a powerful tactic that ensures long-term success. After all, if your company is not innovating and reinventing its processes across the board, then you’re falling behind.

Not only are your top competitors constantly trying to discover new opportunities for their product development and marketing teams, but it’s important to note that the consumer market is also searching for novelty in every industry.

This trend begs the need of business leaders to actually lead the innovation process in their companies through employee management, innovative technologies, company culture, and more. Let’s take a look at the five effective tips that will help you drive innovation in your small business.

Kensi Gounden – 5 Tips to Drive Innovation in Your Small Business

Build a culture of innovation

It all begins with you creating and encouraging an innovative culture in your company to allow your employees to speak up, bring amazing ideas to the table, and put innovative strategies into effect. Remember, there is no such thing as an idea too bold or too ridiculous, as these words are the essential elements of a thriving innovative culture.

Your employees need to feel free to contribute, and feel like their contribution is acknowledged, appreciated, and taken into consideration. To build this can-do attitude, you will need to break the barrier between management and employees, and emphasize continuous cross-department communication in the form of brainstorming sessions. Put all of your ideas into a digital suggestion box, and then give the winning proposal all of the resources necessary to bring an amazing idea to life.

Surround yourself with innovative employees

According to Kensi Gounden, The ability to innovate on an existing idea or to invent something completely new might not be an inherent trait, and you might be able to learn it over time, but the fact still stands that you cannot simply ask your employees to be innovative. It doesn’t work that way, some people simply aren’t that creative or are yet to have their creative processes unlocked through training, experience, and time.

What does this mean for you? It means that you need to surround yourself with people whose creative juices are already flowing – you need employees who are good at thinking of innovative ideas and even turning them into reality. With that in mind, go ahead and refine your hiring process to discover people who think differently from the rest of the group, have unordinary hobbies, or nurture inherently creative habits such as reading, writing, and creating in general.

Embrace innovative technology

In the modern business world, there can be no successful innovation without modern technology. From business automation to AI-driven software that can be incorporated into all crucial and menial processes in every department, there are many ways you can spark innovation by bringing technology into the mix. If nothing else, it will give your employees the tools needed to achieve innovative goals.

However, keep in mind that combining evergreen solutions with contemporary tech will allow you to cater to the entirety of the modern market. For example, by combining comprehensive phone systems for small business with digital customer service tools, you can easily address the needs of every type of customer while at the same time streamlining workflow for your agents and creating a more productive work environment. Remember, the traditional has a place in the modern world, so be sure to combine both to spark innovation across the board.

Kensi Gounden – 5 Tips to Drive Innovation in Your Small Business

Assemble teams for this purpose

Sometimes your team members are simply so busy managing the hectic daily workload that they don’t have the time or the resources to be creative or innovative. Instead of putting innovation on the backburner until an opportunity presents itself (which it never will), you can allocate some of your resources to create departments and divisions intended for this purpose.

It might seem like a grand investment at first, but opening a new department with a few hand-picked, talented innovators can mean all the difference for the future of your brand. After all, it’s a long-term investment that will produce a high ROI if your team shares their amazing ideas with the rest of the employee collective and strives to work together to bring these projects to life.

Research, monitor, and improve

On a final note, remember that there can only be progress and success through relevant insights. In other words, you need to know exactly how your ideas are faring in the competitive arena, and monitor innovation metrics so that you can derive actionable insights.

These insights will fuel your innovation strategy, and most importantly, they will tell you what works and what you need to scrap completely. Be sure to research the needs of your demographic to discover pain-points, monitor the performance of your proposed solution, and adapt your approach if need be.

Kensi Gounden – 5 Tips to Drive Innovation in Your Small Business

Final thoughts

Innovation is one of the fundamental pillars of success in the modern business world. If you want to grow your small business efficiently and effectively, you will need to implement these innovation tactics that will set you apart from the competition and build brand awareness in the process.

If you’d like to learn more about this topic, please feel free to get in touch with Kensi Gounden.